1.   Profile

Name Ruckphol Mahapharn (EK Eric)
ロックフォル マハファーン
Country Bangkok, Thailand
Age 32
Graduation from Dhurakij Pundit University Bachelor of Fine Arts / CIDI Chanapatana International School.

2.Impressions of participating in this contest

Sakura collection is a first fashion design contest of my life In 2018

, I was the last 10  designer finalists of Thailand. And now this time.    is the second time of Sakura collection again . I’m glad and honor to be part of this project again.  I would like to applaud the organizing of the Global Fashion Designer Contest. to show skill that has been for a long time and consistently.

2018年のSAKURA COLLECTIONが私の人生で初めてのファッションデザインコンテストで、当時私はタイのデザイナーのファイナリスト10人に選ばれました。そして今回が2回目のSAKURA COLLECTION。このプロジェクトに再び参加できることを嬉しく思いますし、光栄に思います。 また、今まで長く一貫してグローバルファッションデザインコンテストを開催してこられたことに拍手を送りたいと思います。

3.About your work and design

“wisdom in natural simplicity”.

Wabisabi main philosophy of the Japanese life ,

is the acceptance of natural beauty with the time.


that was added with the value of thought .I paraphrase the interpretation of the art of sewing to show the fluency of the fabric, add the technique of ironing the gold


Becoming a beauty that can’t happen all of a sudden. but after a long time Build more humility  and understanding of nature.


Creating value with “Futakoshi Chirimen” material, stitching of Japanese cultural structure, adapted to contemporary look , decorated with white lines in simplicity and embroidered white beads on white , sewing craftsmanship is natural wood grain pattern ,and works of art painted in gold, expressing the true beauty of human creation.

When the cloth moves can change shape and golden art Create different light and shadow environments, proceed naturally