Ruwanthi Gajadeera (Ru)

ルワンティ ガジャデーラ


Sri Lanka



Academy of Design


Hirdaramani Discovery Labs




・Impressions of participating in a contest

A billion thoughts raced through my brain as I developed these garments, once I got the fabrics I was very excited and anxious at the same time because I usually work with cotton fabrics this competition gave me the opportunity to hone my skills to work with a fabric which I would not usually find here in Sri Lanka. The competition allowed me to really appreciate the small details of Futakoshi Chirime and it also meant no instant do-overs when I pick up and leave again. This time mattered, and that made me nervous.



・Highlights of your design and work




My vision has been about exploring sustainable fashion avenues and practices since the very beginning. I seek to incorporate heritage and sustainable methods to support slow fashion and to produce eco-friendly garments. Therefore, I was able to connect with the silhouettes especially because cultural and historical significance Chirimen fabrics have. I was able to realise my concept with careful sculpturing and sewing and I managed to upcycle waste fabrics and incorporate them into these silhouettes.