NAME : Shirley Liu


DESCRIPTION OF YOUR WORK : Enshu Men Tsumugi is inspired by the four seasons of Japan. The fabric assigned for this contest reminds me of summer (a.k.a. the current season for the northern hemisphere). Specifically, its color and stripes are reminiscent of the ocean to me. Thus, I intended to reflect this theme in my pair design. My first look, the jumpsuit one, is called 潮 (Shio, “tide”), while the second one with the skirt is called 浪 (Nami, “wave”). Both looks have some free-hanging components that twirls as the model moves around, which calls to the image of water.

The piece 潮 consists of a one-sleeved turtleneck shirt and a jumpsuit. The former is stretchy and soft while the latter, made with Enshu Men Tsumugi, has a lot of straight lines. The overall silhouette combines the shape-adjusting and powerful properties of water.
The white geometric shapes around the waist of 浪 are meant to resemble rocks by the sea. The dangling parts by these shapes, together with the vertical stripes on the skirt, form the scene of countless waves clashing up against the rocks. The tull with white pearls coming in between the Enshu Men Tsumugi resembles the foams and bubbles.
For 浪 I also intended to add a long stick to control some flowing fabrics like how gymnasts control their ribbons, but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time. In the case that it arrives before the award, I will add it to the piece.